Parking Information
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Subscriber Parking
If you are a subscriber, you have received parking passes for all your scheduled concerts in your ticket packet! Here’s how to use them!
Park in the Ellis Midtown parking ramp at 130 Lyon NW
, where you’ll pay $7 for parking when you use the vouchers received with your subscription ticket packet.

Be sure to bring the correct voucher. Each is unique to a specific concert date.

Parking is first come, first serve basis until parking is full.

Parking vouchers are only issued for the concerts in the series for which you have subscribed. If you have exchanged your tickets for the same concert on a different night, your parking voucher is still valid.

Vouchers are not issued and are not available for add-ons, special events or concert titles that are different from those in your original subscription. Parking vouchers cannot be exchanged, refunded, or replaced. We are sorry, but no special requests can be honored.