Why you should be a MySymphony360 member

I am a lover of all things Grand Rapids. One of the main reasons for my love of Grand Rapids is because of how lucky we are to be surrounded by people who come together to create a community of opportunities. One such opportunity is a membership in MySymphony360.  MySymphony360 is an engagement group for young professionals offering discounted tickets, backstage passes, networking, and meet and greets with musicians.   

If someone told me two years ago that one of my favorite week-end activities would be attending the symphony, I would have laughed, I mean you are talking about someone who has never been able to clap to the beat.  


Last January, the symphony arranged for the members of MySympony360 to attend a pre-concert meet and greet with three of the musicians before the Inspired by Wagner concert. One of the coolest aspects of this event was that it took place on the stage. Intimate conversation flowed between the musicians and event participants and you could hear the excitement in the musician’s voices as they described the music and gave advice of how to further use your senses to engage with the performance. One of the best parts was the surreal experience of standing on the conductors stand, looking out both at the empty stage where the symphony members would soon sit and out in the opposite direction at the empty arena that would be filled with the concertgoers. 

We are lucky in Grand Rapids, lucky to have the support of the community when it comes to sustaining the arts. It makes us a smarter and more well-rounded community. I want to challenge the young professionals of this community to take advantage of the opportunities we are offered through MySymphony360.       

Kelli Jo Peltier has been a MySymphony 360 member since 2014. She is proud to be part of an organization that is part of the Grand Rapids Symphony, which she feels is an asset to our community. She has an undergraduate Business and Communications Degree and Masters in Management from Aquinas College. 

Posted by Sam Napolitan at 13:00
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