Shakespeare and the Symphony

Many composers throughout history have been inspired by the works of Shakespeare. This 2015-16 season, the Grand Rapids Symphony invites audiences to also be inspired by the immortal plays of The Bard.  The concerts offer musical interpretations of three Shakespearean works, "Romeo & Juliet," "Much Ado About Nothing" and a "Midsummer Night's Dream" while presenting three concerts: "Romeo & Juliet" on September 18 & 19, "The Romantic Concert" on November 6, and "Dvorak's Seventh" on January 29 & 30. 

The concerts are part of the "Shakespeare & Symphony" three-concert package, $99 for adults and $15 for students. The package can be purchased by calling the Grand Rapids Symphony Ticket Services at 616.454.9451 (Day) or 616.885.1241 (Evening). 

Shakespeare and orchestra fans alike can experience music in a new way with the Grand Rapids Symphony's new Listening to Literature program. Starting with the Romeo & Juliet Scene Study Workshop on Monday, September 14 at Downtown Grand Rapids Inc., attendees can dive into the language, stories and themes behind great literature and music. The Grand Rapids Symphony is collaborating with the Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company to present three informal scene study workshops that correspond with the Shakespeare and Symphony concerts. More information and a registration form is available here

Posted by Sam Napolitan at 06:00
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