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Grand Rapids Symphony's Junior Youth Chorus makes successful, rewarding Carnegie Hall debut

The well-known joke about Carnegie Hall might not be as old as the hall itself, but it comes close. A visitor in New York City, walking along 57 th Street, sees a man getting out of a cab, carrying a musical instrument. He stops the musician and asks, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall.” Without missing a beat, the musician replies, “Practice, practice, practice.” That’s how the Grand Rapids Symphony Junior Youth Chorus got to Carnegie Hall, though... Read More
Posted by Jeffrey Kaczmarczyk at Tuesday, April 4, 2017

More than 300 musicians are part of Grand Rapids Symphony's 'Choral Celebration'

The greatest composers in the history of classical music all wrote music for religious services or using religious texts. T he Grand Rapids Symphony  left the concert hall and entered the cathedral for the opening concert of its 2015-16 Sacred Dimensions Series on Saturday, March 5.  “A Choral Celebration,” featuring the Grand Rapids Symphony Chorus and the Grand Rapids Symphony Youth Chorus and Junior Chorus all joined the orchestra in the Cathedral of St. Andrew... Read More
Posted by Jeffrey Kaczmarczyk at Tuesday, March 8, 2016

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