The Metronome Fund provides a way to commemorate special people and events while contributing to the Symphony. Donors listings are for gifts received August 1, 2022 through February 28, 2023.

In Memory of Val Axelrod In Honor of Aaron Doty
Bonnie & Curt Monhart Adam & Ilene Doty
Newcomers Club of Grand Rapids
In Honor of Alicia Eppinga
In Memory of Charles & Marcia Bertsch Gordon & Barbara Stegink
Judith Bertsch D'Arcangelis
For the Birthday of Steve Eriksson
In Memory of Kenneth Dabney Diane F. Lobbestael
Neal & Melanie Hillman
In Honor of Andy Keller
In Memory of Shirley Anne Eriksson David & Carol Osborn
Mrs. Karen Wolf & Mr. Steven Eriksson
In Honor of Marcelo Lehninger
In Memory of Jane Gaebe Mr. & Mrs. Jerome M. Smith
Mr. Geoffrey Gaebe, Sr.
In Honor of Barbara & Gordon Stegink
In Memory of Marilyn C. Hunting Anonymous
In Honor of Emily VandeGriend
In Memory of Edie McCargar Lacey Koens
Joseph & Barbara McCargar
For the Birthday of Carlos Vicente
In Memory of Darwin Paulson Aaron & Eileen Doty
Amy Flik Janis Iarocque
In Memory of Patricia Pendry
Diane F. Lobbestael
In Memory of John L. Price
Milo & Mary Lou Chelovitz
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas A. DeCamp
Chris Snow
Mr. & Mrs. John Wiener
In Memory of Helen Rossano
Founder's Fund at Grand Rapids Community Foundation; Andrew Rossano
In Memory of Charles & Stella Royce
In Memory of Peter Bowman Spring
Lori Lee Bultinck
Gayle & Garrett Hoogstraten
Butterworth Rehab Team
In Memory of Marilyn Titche
Diane F. Lobbestael
In Memory of Lynne VanLeeuwen
Sandra Folkertsma
Mary G. Harris
In Memory of Bill Vits
Karl & Patricia Betz
Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Collier
Mr. Robert L. Hooker
Ms. Judith E. Kemph
Wallson & Rebecca Knack
Mrs. Marylin Leprich
Ping & Tim Liang
Timothy & Meg McAree
Dr. & Mrs. Larry J. Robson
Shelley Stoffer