The Metronome Fund provides a way to commemorate special people and events while contributing to the Symphony. Donors listings are for gifts received December 1, 2020-June 30, 2021.

In Memory of Carl Wiltse   In Honor of Leslie & Patrick Ballard
Mrs. Kathy Muir Laidlaw   Mr. Geoffrey Gaebe, Sr.
In Memory of  Kathy Buteyn   In Honor of Allison Campbell's Birthday
Ms. Glenda Buteyn   Anonymous
    Allison Campbell
In Memory of Benjamin J. DeVoe   Lauren Campbell
Mrs. Deborah DeVoe   Tracy Campbell
In Memory of Harry Gubbins   In Honor of Tiaira Code
Marilyn Gubbins   Christopher Kantner & Cynthia Burger
Elsie Sorensen    
    In Honor of Lee Engstrom & Jim Bleeker
In Memory of Marilyn C. Hunting   Glen & Lynne Williams
    In Honor of Grand Rapids Symphony Musicians
In Memory of Mary Ann Keeler   Richard Roane and Leandro Robles Families Donor Advised Fund at the Grand Rapids Community Foundation
Grand Rapids Symphony Friends    
    In Honor of The Bassoon Section
In Memory of Linn Keller   Byron & Elaine Babbish
Keller Foundation    
    In Honor of The DeVos Quartet performing at the GRAM
In Memory of Edie McCargar   Milt and Barbara Rohwer
Joseph & Barbara McCargar    
    In Honor of The viola section
In Memory of Roger Nelson   Mrs. Barbara Corbato & Mr. Martin Hogan
Daryl Fischer    
    In Honor of Bonnie & Gerald Guttormson
In Memory of Mary Sue Rohwer   Eric Guttormson
Mr. & Mrs. John V. Byl    
    In Honor of Betty Hildebrand
In Memory of Helen Rossano   Mr. Bill Hildebrand
Founder's Fund at Grand Rapids Community Foundation
Andrew Rossano   In Honor of Mary Tuuk and Patrick Kuras' wedding
    Paul Austin & Greg Crowell
In Memory of Charles & Stella Royce   Joan & Doug Budden
Anonymous   Mr. Dennis Buteyn
    Mrs. Barbara Corbato & Mr. Martin Hogan
In Memory of Cyndi Ruffer   Linda Kirschner
Carilyn Ruffer   Diane F. Lobbestael
    Larry Magnesen
In Memory of Wilma Straight   Mr. Tom P. Merchant & Mr. Glen Johnson
Key to the World Mentor & Management Team   Mr. Jonathan A. Tuuk
Paul Kratochwill   Mike & Michelle Van Dyke
Wayland United Methodist Church   Sheryl & Michael Vander Baan
In Memory of John D. Tully   In Honor of Anne Lahtinen
Rob & Sally Snell   Mr. Michael Brown
In Memory of Janet VanDyke   In Honor of Diane Lobbestael
Thea Beebe   Mr. & Mrs. George H. Gordon
Thomas & VitaLee Bergers    
Daniel & Esther Bos   In Honor of Diane Lobbestael's Retirement
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Brasser   Marcia Beutner
Mr. & Mrs. Stuart R. Citron   Jim & Marie Preston
Jane DeGroot    
Kurt & Janet Dietsch   In Honor of Joo Yun Harrington Preece
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Doezema   Thayer Woodcock
Mr. Lee Engstrom & Mr. Jim Bleeker   In Honor of Dr. & Mrs. Larry Robson
Joanna Grant   Michael & Kathy Shine
Carol Holquist    
Dan & Mary Kakkuri   In Honor of Ty Vankempen
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Klein   Rachel VanKempen-Fryling
Ron & Eunice Krieger    
Diane F. Lobbestael   In Honor of John Varineau
Steven & Ginny Orban   Marcia Beutner
Dr. & Mrs. Larry J. Robson    
Steve & Linda Rogers   In Honor of John Varineau's Retirement
Dr. & Mrs. Darryl Varda   Jim & Marie Preston
Charles & Philippa Webb   Gloria Yff
Cathryne Winberg    
In Memory of Nancy Walls    
Dr. Randy Schekman    
In Memory of David Porter Walter, Sr    
Larry & Sharon Slager    
In Memory of Warren & Betty Wandrey    
Sharon Wandrey    
In Memory of Thomas Yasick    
Kathleen Yasick