The Metronome Fund provides a way to commemorate special people and events while contributing to the Symphony. Donors listings are for gifts received February 1, 2022 through August 31, 2022.

In Memory of Steve Brook For the Birthday of Steve Eriksson
Karl & Patricia Betz Diane F. Lobbestael
Mrs. Frances S. Ellis  
Rich & Stacy Ridenour Fund at the Community Foundation of Sarasota County For the Birthday of Fred Feldman
  Michael & Harriet Wheeler
In Memory of Kathy Buteyn  
Ms. Glenda Buteyn In Honor of Wally & Becky Knack
  Don & Laurie Gardner
In Memory of Edie McCargar  
Joseph & Barbara McCargar In Honor of Mary Tuuk Kuras
  Jim & Marie Preston
In Memory of Michael R. Naess  
Michael T. Naess In Honor of Jack Latta
  Mark & Kathy Latta
In Memory of Charles & Stella Royce  
Anonymous In Honor of Kevin Paul's Retirement
  Jeff & Mary Ann Shutz
In Memory of Marilyn Titche  
Diane F. Lobbestael In Honor of Ric Roane & Leandro Robles
  Diane Titche & Heather Cooper
In Memory of John D. Tully  
Quan Hue & Gaetan Gerville-Reache In Honor of John Varineau
  Mr. Jim Kleinheksel
In Memory of Robert Wepman Jerry & Susan Kruyf
Ms. Barbara Wepman  
  For the Birthday of Carlos Vicente
In Memory of Muriel Wondergem Aaron & Eileen Doty
Heather Marg Bracken Janis Iarocque