The Metronome Fund provides a way to commemorate special people and events while contributing to the Symphony. Donors listings are for gifts received December 1, 2019 through May 31, 2020.


In Memory of Charles Andrews   In Honor of Leslie & Patrick Ballard
Peter & Carroll Perez   Mr. Geoffrey Gaebe, Sr.
In Memory of Charles & Marcia Bertsch   In Honor of Marcia Beutner
Judith Bertsch D'Arcangelis   Mr. & Mrs. David Whitescarver
In Memory of Robert & Jean Bolinder   In Honor of The GRS Flute Section
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Bolinder   Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Bylsma
In Memory of Wilma Jean Breutzman   In Honor of Haijin Choi
Astrid Breutzman   Mrs. Terri A. Mulligan
Beverly & Mark Brys    
Kathleen Burmeister   In Honor of Lee Engstrom & Jim Bleeker
Mary Cassar   Glen & Lynne Williams
Rose Emory    
Bruce & Vicki Liebowitz   In Honor of Alicia Eppinga
Phil & Martha Sweedyk   Marcia Beutner
    Gordon & Barbara Stegink
In Memory of Kathleen Bucknam    
Mr. Richard Bucknam   In Honor of James Eppinga
    Alicia Eppinga
In Memory of Kathy Buteyn    
Ms. Glenda Buteyn   In Honor of Martheen Griffioen
    Don Griffioen
In Memory of Richard Clarke    
Alecia Huyser   In Honor of Dolores Hruby
    Ms. Monique Salinas
In Memory of Kimie Crawford    
Mr. & Mrs. James D. Crawford   For the Birthday of Robin Hutchings
    David & Syma Hutchings
In Memory of Benjamin J. DeVoe    
Mrs. Deborah DeVoe   In Honor of Aspen Keller
    David & Carol Osborn
In Memory of Shirley Anne Eriksson    
Mrs. Karen Wolf & Mr. Steven Eriksson   In Honor of The marketing service of Denise Lubey
    Richard Roane and Leandro Robles
In Memory of Jane Idzkowski    
Julie Jandernoa   In Honor of Gina Paul
    Jeff & Mary Ann Shutz
In Memory of Maria Jones    
Sarah Elliott   In Honor of Jonathan Reed - double bass
    Steve Reed
In Memory of Linn Keller    
Keller Foundation   In Honor of Steve & Cindy Rinehart
    Jenna Rassif
In Memory of Margaret Felton Killmer    
Rev. Richard Killmer   In Honor of Barb & Milt Rohwer
    Ms. Linsey Gleason
In Memory of Patricia Mae Locke    
Patricia J. Locke   For the Birthday of Amy Tenney
    Emily Sinn
In Memory of Dorothy Mapes    
Ms. Patricia L. Hornbeck   In Honor of John Varineau
    Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Connors
In Memory of Edie McCargar   Scott & Maggie Lancaster
Joseph & Barbara McCargar   Ping & Tim Liang
In Memory of JoAnn McKay   In Honor of Fritz Sr and Marlene Wahlfield
Jonathan & Christine Golden   Rachele Wahlfield
In Memory of Linda Mehney   In Honor of Mr. & Mrs. Lee Yonkers Anniversary
Peter & Carroll Perez   Martha Dalton
In Memory of Richard Murley    
The DeLeeuw Family    
Gordon F. VanOtteren, M.D.    
In Memory of Roger Nelson    
Daryl Fischer    
Mrs. Linda Nelson    
In Memory of Peter Renucci    
Dr. & Mrs. Mark Campbell    
Cathy Waite    
In Memory of Stella Royce    
Grand Rapids Symphony Friends    
In Memory of Cyndi Ruffer    
Nancy Ruffer    
In Memory of Donald L. Scott    
Mrs. Jean Scott    
In Memory of Bernard "Ben" VanderWilp  
Emily Sloterbeek    
In Memory of Tom & Rita Voss    
Mr. & Mrs. Mark F. Hopkins    
In Memory of Warren Wandrey    
Sharon Wandrey    
In Memory of Robert Wepman    
Ms. Barbara Wepman