The Metronome Fund provides a way to commemorate special people and events while contributing to the Symphony. Donors listings are for gifts received May 1, 2020 - November 15, 2020.

In Memory of Charles & Marcia Bertsch   In Honor of Leslie & Patrick Ballard
Judith Bertsch D'Arcangelis   Mr. Geoffrey Gaebe, Sr.
In Memory of Robert & Jean Bolinder   In Honor of Haijin Choi
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Bolinder   Mrs. Terri A. Mulligan
In Memory of Kathleen Bucknam   In Honor of Barbara Corbato
Mr. Richard Bucknam   Ms. Jeannie Hosey & Mr. Anthony Travis
    Anne Westerbeke
In Memory of Kathy Buteyn    
Ms. Glenda Buteyn   In Honor of Andrew Genemans
In Memory of Richard Clarke    
Alecia Huyser   In Honor of Ann & Craig Ghareeb's anniversary
    Mr. & Mrs. Richard Farnsworth
In Memory of Kimie Crawford    
Mr. & Mrs. James D. Crawford   In Honor of Dolores Hruby
    Ms. Monique Salinas
In Memory of Benjamin J. DeVoe    
Mrs. Deborah DeVoe   In Honor of Eve & Ryan Julian's anniversary
    Mr. & Mrs. Richard Farnsworth
In Memory of Harry Gubbins    
John Fulton   In Honor of Lois Nederveld
Phyllis Lanning   Roland M. Prevost & Brian J. Nederveld
Ken & Suzanne Schaefer    
    In Honor of Gina Paul
In Memory of David Haughey   Jeff & Mary Ann Shutz
Karen & Chris Brush Giving Fund at Fidelity Charitable  
Michael Romano    
Smith Haughey Rice Roegge   In Honor of Jonathan Reed - double bass
    Steve & Susan Reed
In Memory of Margaret Felton Killmer    
Rev. Richard Killmer   In Honor of Barb & Milt Rohwer
    Ms. Linsey Gleason
In Memory of Leona Klooster    
Mary Hillyard   In Honor of Seth David Stewart
    Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Kochanski
In Memory of Edie McCargar    
Joseph & Barbara McCargar   For the Birthday of Amy Tenney
    Emily Sinn
In Memory of JoAnn McKay    
Jonathan & Christine Golden   In Honor of Mary Tuuk and Patrick Kuras' wedding
    Ms. Paula Tibbe
In Memory of Helen Morsink    
Ms. Ann Hedberg   In Honor of John Varineau
    Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Connors
    Scott & Maggie Lancaster
In Memory of Roger Nelson   Ping & Tim Liang
Daryl Fischer   Mrs. Margaret Ryan
Mrs. Linda Nelson    
In Memory of Howard & Polly North    
Jim & Katie Green    
In Memory of Donald L. Scott    
Mrs. Jean Scott    
In Memory of John D. Tully    
Paul Asselin & Jack Sytsma    
Jean S. Breay    
Bill & Kay Farr    
Shane & Ann Hansen    
Neil & Terry Harvey    
Bill & Carolyn Hineline    
Rhett & Jeralyn Pinsky    
In Memory of Steve VanRavenswaay    
Mr. Vladimir Babin    
Rick & Carol Briggs    
Suzanna Bratton    
Mr. & Mrs. James Eppinga    
Ms. Margaret Gage    
Grand Rapids Symphony Cello Section    
Dr. & Mrs. Lowell J. Hansen    
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Hering    
Andrew Laven    
Andrew Plaisier    
Alicia Sawyers    
Stacey Tanner    
In Memory of Warren Wandrey    
Sharon Wandrey