A perfect FIRST EXPERIENCE to a live performance with your Grand Rapids Symphony!

Our Lollipop programs include a connection to classic children’s literature. Stories often are combined with media through visual arts, acting, and collaborations with other creative organizations. Audience participation and involvement during these performances are absolutely encouraged to reinforce learning happening in the home and classroom, ensuring that children remain engaged throughout the performance and are able to recollect and continue learning from their live performance experience.

For the 2020-2021 school year, Lollipops Concerts will be available to stream on-demand for a 7-day window. Upon making a reservation, you will be emailed a link and password to access the concert on Vimeo, as well as a Teacher Guide folder containing a concert program, activities, and additional information about the orchestra.

Age Appropriate: K-2nd Grade

Concert Length: 30-35 minutes

Ticket Information: $5 per person, regardless of age.
FREE for A.I.R. schools. Click HERE for more A.I.R. information.
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Call 616.454.9451 x109 or email us HERE
*Note - Dates and times are tentative and subject to change.

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Stone Soup   

Using catchy tunes, humor, and a story about food, young listeners stay engaged and absorb the very timeless metaphor that "it takes all kinds of people to make up a happy town" just as "it takes all kinds of food to make Stone Soup." Available to stream any time January 27th - February 2nd, 2021.


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Underwritten By: The Harry A. & Margaret D. Towlsey Foundation