Verdi Requiem

11/17/2017, 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM

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Verdi Requiem

Marcelo Lehninger Conductor  |  Julianna Di Giacomo Soprano  |  Suzanne Hendrix Mezzo Soprano  |  Carl Tanner Tenor  |  Raymond Aceto Bass  |  Grand Rapids Symphony Chorus Pearl Shangkuan, Director | Calvin College Capella Pearl Shangkuan, Director

Someone once called the Verdi Requiem ‘Aida in church!’ This may seem to be an odd or even disrespectful comparison, but, this monumental masterpiece was written in 1874 not long after Aida, which Verdi thought was going to be his farewell to opera.

Verdi, who was spiritual, but not a regular churchgoer, poured his most mature vocal and dramatic gifts into this Mass for the Dead and for the premiere used two of the four original singers from Aida as soloists. From the supplications of the Kyrie and the Agnus Dei to the sheer terror of the Dies Irae (Day of Judgment), Verdi creates a Sistine Chapel in music.


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