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Join the Grand Rapids Symphony in Carnegie Hall when Marcelo Lehninger leads the orchestra back to the Big Apple in April.

When the Grand Rapids Symphony went to New York City’s Carnegie Hall more than 12 years ago, the orchestra not only brought its musicians, it also brought along much of its audience. Music Critic Bernard Holland couldn’t help but notice. His review in the New York Times began, "The Grand Rapids Symphony came to Carnegie Hall on Saturday night and brought a good part of the city with it." Not quite. But then-Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell and his wife,... Read More
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Grand Rapids Symphony's Junior Youth Chorus makes successful, rewarding Carnegie Hall debut

The well-known joke about Carnegie Hall might not be as old as the hall itself, but it comes close. A visitor in New York City, walking along 57 th Street, sees a man getting out of a cab, carrying a musical instrument. He stops the musician and asks, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall.” Without missing a beat, the musician replies, “Practice, practice, practice.” That’s how the Grand Rapids Symphony Junior Youth Chorus got to Carnegie Hall, though... Read More
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Why the Grand Rapids Symphony will return to Carnegie Hall in 2018

Grand Rapids Symphony in May 2005 traveled out of state for the first time in its history as a professional orchestra. When it did, it went straight to the top with an appearance in New York City’s Concert Hall. Nearly 13 years later, the Grand Rapids Symphony under new Music Director Marcelo Lehninger will return to one of the most prestigious concert halls in the world in April 2018. “All the important American orchestras and all the great international orchestras perform... Read More
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Grand Rapids Symphony's Marcelo Lehninger will lead orchestra back to Carnegie Hall as part of 2017-18 season

When Marcelo Lehninger was appointed Music Director of the Grand Rapids Symphony, he made clear his intentions for the next five years. Grand Rapids Symphony would become an orchestra that not only plays great music for its audiences, it also would become an “important orchestra” in the world of classical music. Important orchestras, in addition to giving concerts, also tour, record and commission new works of music among other activities. Grand Rapids Symphony will... Read More
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