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Hear Grand Rapids Pops play 'Star Wars' and more, movie music of John Williams, May 11-13

Grand Rapids Symphony Principal Pops Conductor Bob Bernhardt doesn’t mince words when he talks about film composer John Williams. “He’s my hero,” Bernhard says with a smile. Bernhardt comes by that belief honestly. During his 14-year tenor as conductor of the Boston Pops, Williams in 1992 hired Bernhardt to be a guest conductor of the most famous pops orchestra in the world. Ever since, Bernhardt has continued to guest conduct the Boston Pops nearly every season... Read More
Posted by Jeffrey Kaczmarczyk at Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Recap: Second City skewers the symphony in hilarious Grand Rapids Pops show at LaughFest

By Jeffrey Kaczmarczyk - Classical music is serious stuff. Bach, Beethoven and the rest of the boys tackled such matters as salvation of the soul and brotherhood of mankind in their music. Mahler, when he composed his symphonies, set out to compose an entire world. Mahler apparently had a side gig as well, writing jingles to sell blue jeans. If that never popped up in college music appreciate class, you’ll just have to take Second City’s word for it. Mind you, no one... Read More
Posted by Jeffrey Kaczmarczyk at Saturday, March 17, 2018

Second City comedy troupe joins Grand Rapids Pops at Gilda's LaughFest for 'The Second City Guide to the Symphony,' March 16-18

From Bugs Bunny to Monty Python to Victor Borge, classical music and comedy have been long-time pals. And like the best buddy comedies, the mirth rests on an incongruous pairing. The tradition and rituals of classical music serve as the comedic straight-man, with the irreverent and earnest comedic talent throwing periodic, sometimes earthy, curveballs. From The Odd Couple to Tommy Boy and more recently to the 21 Jump Street remake, incongruous pairings not only provide laughter,... Read More
Posted by Marketing Intern at Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Best songs, best singers come to Grand Rapids Pops stage for Blockbuster Broadway, Jan. 26-28

The great Broadway shows have staying power. If you see it once and fall in love with it, years later you’ll feel the same. That’s why shows such as The Phantom of the Opera , The Sound of Music and A Chorus Line return again and again. The same is true for singers and actors who bring the shows to life. When a show is revived, sometimes you see the same faces and hear the same voices again. Jessica Hendy was a young actress, fresh from college, when she joined the... Read More
Posted by Jeffrey Kaczmarczyk at Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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